Well, it isn’t rocket science, really, but you may actually be drinking already, so we’ll spell it out. (We know your type… LOL!)

    Quick and easy, here are the steps:



    1. Attach the No Hangover Patch on your left shoulder (as shown in the video) 15 minutes prior to drinking.
    2. Keep it on while drinking and overnight.
    3. Remove when desired within 3 days
    4. Stay hydrated before and after drinking

    If the patch is attached the next morning it will reduce the symptoms.

    Wearing the No Hangover Patch while drinking water as you consume alcohol reduces the chances of getting a hangover by 90%.

    SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION (like in school)

    A hangover may create irreversible damage to your kidneys and liver for up to 3 days after the first night of drinking. Our brains are at optimal functional levels only when our body is properly hydrated. Brain cells require a delicate balance between water and various elements to operate, and when you lose too much water, that balance is disrupted. Your brain cells lose efficiency. When alcohol is consumed, it robs the body of water in your body, which includes your brain.

    How the No Hangover Patch Works:

    The No Hangover Patch is programmed with natural frequencies of Glutathione which help reduce the symptoms associated with excessive drinking that lead to a hangover. Wearing the No Hangover Patch while drinking water as you consume alcohol reduces the chances of getting a hangover by 90%. The combination of additional Glutathione being released by prompting the body via the No Hangover Patch, and water being consumed, will eliminate the hangover.

    The No Hangover Patch is programmed with subharmonic frequencys to release natural Glutathione into your system. Since alcohol stays in your blood system, it robs your body of hydration and causes several problems such as headaches, dry mouth, red eye, fatigue, and nausea. The No Hangover Patch lasts up to 3 days (when peeled and placed on the shoulder). You must hydrate yourself with water as you drink alcohol, as this will make your kidneys release the toxins from the alcohol. You will release urine more often and keep hydrated which will stop you from getting nauseated while wearing the No Hangover Patch.

    The No Hangover Patch is an advanced and unique technology that will eliminate hangovers. The top layer is made from a special carbon crystalline material that’s been designed to hold “digital information” in the form of sub-harmonic frequencies that your body is able to read and acknowledge.  The No Hangover Patch is made to tap into the “intelligent energy field” that surrounds all human beings. Consider the patch as a “Mobile Software patch for the human body.

    The No Hangover Patch is made for all types of skin conditions. It is waterproof, water resistant, and stays on during the shower. For best results, clean off the area where you attach the patch before adhering it to your body.

    • Patches are manufactured in association with 3M in accordance with the ISO 10933 Part-1
    • Non-Comedogenic / No added chemicals
    • Patch material originally designed and developed for the Aerospace Industry