The No Hangover Patch is charged with natural frequencies that produce the Glutathione hormone, which is what the body needs to avoid a hangover. The patch sends natural frequencies to the nervous system to eliminate symptoms such as headache, dry mouth, red eye, fatigue and nausea.


  • Patches are manufactured in association with 3M in accordance with the ISO 10933 Part-1
  • Non-Comedogenic / No added chemicals
  • Patch material originally designed and developed for the Aerospace Industry


The patch lasts up to 3 days once peeled and placed on the shoulder. Do not remove and place again.
The No Hangover Patch reduces the hangover symptoms, meaning, if there already was a hangover, it will provide quicker results. To achieve the best results possible, place the patch on skin before alcohol consumption.


This depends on the chosen method of delivery, but typically orders take an average of 5 business days to be delivered.